Pacific Northwest Bulkhead was founded in 1983.

Since then we have helped property owners throughout the Puget Sound area protect their precious waterfront investments from all the elements that constantly threaten our shorelines.
We specialize in providing you year round protection using the latest techniques and components available. We can create a completely natural looking soft shore armor system that promotes vegetation and habitat growth while providing you the property owner with stable and well protected soil. For more weather exposed properties we offer a rock bulkhead solution that is as attractive as it is strong. A rock seawall can withstand the most punishing of conditions and can be constructed in a nearly vertical configuration. Rock bulkheads offer superb soil conservation and unsurpassed protection from the elements.

Give us a call today, we are ready to get started when you are, and we have the expertise and equipment to tackle your shoreline project.

Here at Pacific Northwest Bulkhead we are very proud to be involved with the South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group, assisting in the removal of culverts and earth dikes for restoration of small pocket estuaries..